<Presenting a book with care and respect>

BACH engage in anything related to books. Opening a book store, a library, and editing/producing books. We still believe in the power of books as a medium. That could also be said to novels, photo books, comics, visual dictionaries, and magazines. Bringing all the printed “spirit of language” and emotions to the right place, and introducing them to various people how interesting they are. Our work is supported by that idea.

Since founded in 2005, we had been thinking: “If people are not coming to book stores, why don't we bring the books to where people are at”, and induce "fortunate accident" to make an encounter of books and people. In recent years, we are able to find wonderful places associated with books, but on the other hand, it seems that the finished books are not influencing on someone's daily life. Books require commitment, so the current fierce competition for time is making books and people disengaged.

Although, in this challenging era, our aim is to thoroughly convey the book with respect, and to have it read by someone, which is our driving force from the beginning. A book, will become a book for the first time, when someone aside from the author has opened it. We strongly believe, that when you open the well-polished pages, and let yourself flow in its world, you will discover different textures, or someone's energy (or a weird grudge) that you can't find from the information pieces floating in the internet.

Understanding the books well, paying attention to the readers, and selecting the books carefully. While the entertainment market is shifting towards “sharing&rdquo, (during book reading) you can't help yourself become isolated, there should be a unique communication that books can only deliver. And, we would like to keep on seeking the new “way of presenting a book”.