BACH is a company where we deal with anything that concerns books.
We create bookstores, distribute books and make actual books.
We believe that books can be powerful as a media.
It could be a novel, a photo collection, a comic book, a schoolbook or even a magazine.
Our desire is to encourage people to take interest in books.
We endeavor to achieve this by getting across every affection
and power of written words wherever there is a need.
Our job is supported by those feelings and affections.

However, recently we feel that people are not being able to encounter
with books as smoothly as anticipated.
If people can be triggered to even open the first page,
they might be surprised to what they could discover.
It is frustrating to know that they are not driven to even get that far.
This is why we see a reason that someone needs to focus on making
an environment where people can encounter with books.

One thing we want to make ourselves clear is that
there is a purpose in why we deal with books that could often nowadays
be said out-of-date.
We believe that the reason lies on desire to create something new,
to challenge the unknown.
We are not just longing for the days what used to be there.
Moreover, we see these past exists so that we could look straight into the future.
By firmly rooting one foot in the field of books,
we set our other foot to do pivot turns in such fields as planning events,
designing furniture and directing advertisements, where an ordinary bookstore
might not feel attempt to be involved.
It is in BACH's veins where we thrive to create something new,
to challenge the unknown.
As a company where we deal with books -an useful information tool,
we urge to expand our reign by discovering and challenging in new fields

BACH Representative Yoshitaka Haba