Kobe Eye Center in Kobe is the first facility in Japan to provide comprehensive support for the eyes, including treatment and research of eye diseases, clinical applications, as well as rehabilitation and job assistance. In Vision Park, both visually impaired and unimpaired people can enjoy the facilities together. There is a lineup of hundreds of books that have been chosen based on interviews with patients.
For the blind, we have not only books in braille, but also audio books, picture books with fragrances, and books with unique paper texture. For people with weak vision, there are books with high contrast imagers --- books that they "want to" see, not just they "can" see. For example, we have visual book collections of photo albums of actresses from former days, Hanshin Tigers books, old advertisement designs, and more.
People tend to think books should be read using eyes and brain. We want to send a message that books are actually appealing to all of the five senses and create a place where visually impaired and unimpaired people can spend time together.

Photo:Masato Chiba

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