Shima Kanko Hotel The Classic was reopened following renovation in Shima, Mie Prefecture. This hotel was used as a venue for the G7 Ise Shima Summit. In the guest lounge, you can take a beautiful view of Ago Bay while enjoying reading books in the adjoining reading room. There, you can choose from about 400 books BACH selected. In accordance with the themes of 'aesthetic sense connected to the world', 'Ise Shima and the story of Japan', and 'beauty of Japan', you can find essays and stories that allow you to learn about the history of the land, as well as art books and photo collections which help you feel the depth of the culture and history of Ise Shima. We created this bookshelf for guests who have seen many different things in Japan and abroad. We hope that they will encounter books that they wouldn't in their daily life and leisurely enjoy themselves at this extraordinary hotel.

731, Agochoshinmei, Shima, Mie 517-0502
tel +81 -599-43-1211