Books and Onsen, a Hyogo Prefecture Kinosaki Onsen NPO publication collaborates with BACH, and we plan and edit a book. This third book features a short story which is newly written by Kanae Minato, who you may know for her books such as "Confession," "Shoujo", and "Shirayukihime Satsujin Jiken" etc. It is the story of a daughter whose mother is a novelist and based on Minato's memory of her stay in Kinosaki. The protagonist, who quit her job where she had worked for 5 years and split up with her boyfriend, visits Kinosaki Onsen for the first time in ten years in order to fill "that hole" in her heart. In the land of memory, what does she see and realize? The onsen and crabs trigger off her memory and help her ease the losses in her heart --- a warm short story. The book binding is of a special texture print which is reminiscent of genuine crab shells. Draw the book out of the box as if you shell crab legs and slowly try the taste of her world.

Author: Kanae Minato
Edition: BACH
Binding: Hirotaka Honjo
Release date: July 1, 2016
Price: 1,200Yen(tax included)