The MichinoKichi - Kokugakuin Book Project has recently been established in the Shibuya campus of Kokugakuin University.Bookshelves have been installed in the public space outside of the library, and as a project to get students to discover books which they did not know about, BACH carefully selected the books.
Under the seven themes such as 'history of Japan,' 'sacred things','to unknown places', and'the everyday',which were derived from interviews with students, and the school motto that has been put into practice over the course of Kokugakuin University's 135 year old history, we have created book shelves that 'leak' into the university and provide students with knowledge that gets assimilated directly into them.
This project had the goal of promoting the concept of coming across books different from those found in classes and libraries. Across the campus in various spots, specially designed bookshelves will be installed. As a first step, a large tree-like space has been completed in the academic media center on the first floor. In there, you will find yourself surrounded by books 360 degrees, and you can indulge in reading as leisurely as you like. This unique space was designed by Mr. Makoto Tanijiri. Mr, Shogo Kishino made the logo which illustrates a tree enriched by a number of books and represents an excitement of 'meeting' new books.
We had the thought that this should be a campus dotted with different kinds of the 'realization' of singular humans and 'curiosity,' in addition to university 'learning.'

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