Books and Onsen, a Hyogo Prefecture Kinosaki Onsen NPO publication, collaborates with BACH. We, BACH, plan and edit a book. Our very first book consists of two books, "Kinosakinite" by Naoya Shiga, a writer known as the "God of novels" and "Kinosakinite - annotated edition". "Kinosakinite" was written in 1907 based on the retrospect of Shiga's stay in Kinosaki. The story dates back to 1903 when he was injured from colliding with a Yamanote Line train in Tokyo and visited Kinosaki to get medical treatment. He recorded his perspective on nature from what he saw in microorganism lives there. You might find new Kinosaki that you don't get to experience.
Since its first launch in 2013, a number of editions have been favorably released for sale. You can look forward to the color of the boxes which vary with every reprint.

Author: Naoya Shiga
Commentary version: Hiroshi Eguchi
Illustration: Yuko Yamamoto
Editing cooperation: Keiko Kamijo,BACH
Binding: Fumikazu Ohara(SOUP DESIGN)
Release date: September 1, 2013
Price: 1,000Yen(tax included)