Wacoal Co., Ltd. established a work space called Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto for women near the Hachijoguchi Exit of Kyoto Station. Since it was founded in 1946, Wacoal has been in pursuit of the "beauty of women". They have gathered a diverse range of beauties from different perspectives, such as schools, libraries and co-working spaces, and galleries.
BACH supervises the library space for this facility. This is under the concept of having "a diverse range of useful information and books for women's lives. We selected books based on the 11 themes such as, "Ideal of Beauty","History of Fashion", "Healthy Body", "To Eat", "Female Way of Life", "A Country Called Japan"and more. In addition, as the centerpiece of this library, there are small shelves within shelves called the "Miniature Garden of Books". For example, " History of the Stylist", is a sub theme of "History of Fashion". It unravels the history of styling from the illustration of Renoir until today. This is an experiment called "book exhibition", which has curated bookshelves in line with narrower themes.

WACOAL Shinkyoto Building 1F,2F, 6, Nishikujokitanouchi, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8411
tel +81 -75-556-0236