JAPAN HOUSE São Paulo has been opened as a base for the dissemination of Japanese culture by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is located on Paulista Avenue in São Paulo, Brazil. BACH is in charge of the library section. 2000 books can be found on a long 16-meter bookshelf, and these include a great variety of books which introduce Japan; books that introduce how to make Japanese dashi (fish stock), books about bento (Japanese style lunch box) --- which is popular in overseas. From old travel guidebooks with the oldest book dating in 1929 to photo collections of sakura (cherry blossoms) published in 2017, we have selections of every genre and every era. This library is supervised by Mr. Kengo Kuma, and Mr. Kenya Hara is responsible for the supervision of the whole project. We have built the library so that the citizens of Sao Paulo can relax and become interested in Japanese culture.

Photo: Japan House São Paulo Office / Rogerio Cassimiro

Av. Paulista 52 - Bela Vista
CEP: 01310-900 Sao Paulo Brasil
+55 11 3090-8900