It is the birth of new onsen literature written by 'writers in onsen' rather than the traditional label of artist-in-residence. This second book of the book and onsen label is called "Kinosaki Saiban" and a completely new written story by Manabu Makime, a writer known for "Princess Toyotomi",etc. While Naoya Shiga wrote about how humans view the life and death of both themselves and the fleeting lives of small creatures in "Kinosakinite", Manabu Makime created a whole different, mysterious world focusing on Shiga's responsibility for the "murder" in"Kinosakinite" and creativity of writers. Why these great writers wrote their stories at an onsen resort, and why the masterpiece of "Kinosakinite" was written via Kinosaki Onsen? Perhaps we shall find answers to it.

Author: Manabu Makime
Edition: BACH
Binding: Rikako Nagashima
Release date: September 18, 2014
Price: 1,700Yen(tax included)