Sarutahiko coffee has the slogan "Make you happy with just a cup of coffee". Their flagship store, Sarutahiko Coffee Chofu Roasting Hall, opened in September 2017. BACH was in charge of the concept production of the shop.
The concept was "a coffee shop's ecological exhibition". Just like how Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido succeeded by its interactive viewing, here, you can see up close the professional skills of baristas extracting and roasting coffee.
This hall was directed by the SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE Co., Ltd led by Mr. Makoto Tanijiri and Ms. Ai Yoshida. The interior is a mix of Japanese and western culture and uses carpets unlike regular cafes ,creating a comfortable space. The books you can find here come under four themes, 'coffee', 'living', 'to eat', 'up close with nature', 'children', which fall under a main concept of 'books you want to read without haste in a relaxed store setting like a living room.'

Toriekeiochofu C,1F, 2-61-1, Kojimacho, Chofu, Tokyo 182-0026
tel +81 -42-444-2632